Author Challenge

We’ve decided that it is time to do a proper Author Challenge at MineEye. We run giveaways to bring in readers. We run ads to promote books. We even prowl the internet for new authors to join our team. Now, it’s time to grab you, the author, by your… mouse pad and drag you into the fun.

No challenge is worthwhile without a healthy prize, right? We have discussed and considered and the team has decided. It is actually a multi-part prize. The winner will receive:

  • a week as the number one featured book on MineEye. That means as our wizard adds books, they will be slid in behind the featured book each time leaving the winner as the first seen book in the webstore for seven days.
  • a week as the featured author on UrsulaLygarlis. That means, I will build at least three blog posts around the winning author and their works to be published in that seven day period. Most likely, that will include an author interview, a book review and an excerpt from your publication.
  • My personal assistance in creating your media pack. A proper media pack should include prewritten media posts for at least Twitter and Facebook, a basic author interview, promotional images and a list of retailers.

ee30b78aa99964af3b544dd36f398c0eAre you still with me? Oh Goodie!

Every good author knows that to write well, you must read… A LOT! So, the theme of this author’s challenge is reading. I know you may view that as being a little backwards, but readers appreciate an well read author.

So here is your portion of this challenge. Using the card provided below, fill in the boxes to make a bingo. Think of it as a reading challenge. Each bingo square has a bookish clue. You are to pick a book that you have read to match that clue. For example, if the clue said a book with magic, I would fill that square with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling.

How you choose to do so is totally up to you! Be creative! Once this has been done, post the image to your social media accounts using #MineEyeChallenge. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.  Even the blogs you manage. Then copy and past the links either into an email to or the comment box below. Be sure to tag @UrsulaLygarlis on Twitter and Google+. At the end of the challenge, our little Book End over at Book Attic will choose a name at random.

*Each posting will be worth one entry. Limited to one entry per social media platform a day.


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