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MineEye truly has exploded with new authors. It’s fantastic to see so many brand new books being added to the site weekly. Honestly, I’m not sure how our tech wizard keeps up with it all. He does have magic… maybe he just waves his- Never mind that.

So, we boast here how we will promote our new authors and share the books across all the different social media platforms. Up to now, we have focused a majority of our promotion skills through Twitter. It’s been a great system and I don’t propose we move away from that system. I just say, it’s time to add a few more systems to it! I’ve recently created a blog of my own (everyone has to have one right?) for the primary purpose of promoting authors. That is where you come in being the author and all. Once you have completed your author subscription and uploaded your ebook, simply email your media kit to

explodeI can hear some of the Indie wheels turning. What is a media kit? The main essentials of a media kit are a brief author bio and contact information, promotional materials and a snippet of the text itself. Joanna Penn has a great explanation of these items and more on her blog The Creative Penn . If you are just starting out your indie life, please take a look!

Moving on. Once I receive the media, I will start scheduling posts that will filter readers directly to your MineEye store. I will also be sure to include these posts in MineEye News to expand your audience! Lastly, as a MineEye author, be sure to share the link to your store and tag me so I can share away!

If you have any questions, just type them in that nifty little box below and one of us here will answer just as soon as we get a free moment! Happy Writing and I hope to hear from you soon!

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