Born on August 28, 1977, Carlos R Savournin always had an overactive imagination. Story telling came naturally to him – even as a child, and would even sometimes get him into trouble. In his teen years, he began to harness that imagination and taming it while working on, what he thought, was just a hobby – writing his first novel.

He’ll tell you himself that it was a silly story inspired by the dozens of slasher films he had grown to love; a group of teenagers are locked in a haunted bookstore over night, and one by one, they begin to kill each other because a malevolent ghost forced them to do so. Called “The Devil’s Workshop”, Carlos wrote the story longhand on a spiral bound notebook and when he was done, he thought his little hobby would be filed away forever and only be seen by a select few. Years passed and Carlos continued to practice his skill by writing countless short stories and submitting them to local contests and gaining some recognition for his work. Then in the late 90’s, Carlos retrieved the spiral bound notebook he wrote his first novel on and began rethinking the story. He took his characters outside of the bookstore, gave them each a deep history, and made his villain his most prized creation; Mason Bayer. NEVES was born shortly afterwards.

It took Carlos several years to finish the manuscript, putting in efforts at recreating the story in the early morning before his office job, and at night when everyone else around him was asleep. Once it was finished, Carlos sent queries out to several agencies but eventually decided to self publish using Lulu in 2008. Shortly afterwards, NEVESbecame the 8th best seller in Horror through Lulu.

There was a story element of “The Devil’s Workshop” that didn’t make it into the final draft of NEVES. Inspired by a popular landmark in Miami, Florida, it was the story of a man who built an entire castle made of coral rock for the love of his life only to find she had married another when he was done. The idea consumed Carlos, and it was the foundation of the spirit causing mayhem amongst the teens locked in the bookstore. Once the story changed and the bookstore was no longer a plot device, neither was the ghost’s background. But the idea never left, and it birthed Carlos’ second novel, Hidden Square.

Carlos’ one time hobby has become a full time passion for him, and though “The Devil’s Workshop” remains tucked away on a bookshelf, it inspired two great works, and through that, Carlos’ novels can be read by many.

Carlos lives in Miami, Florida where he is working on his next novel.

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