Diana StevenDiana Stevan was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the only child of immigrants from the Ukraine. As her parents worked around the clock at a meat packing plant and the markets, Diana spent most of the time with her Baba, who could not speak a word of English. She did however pick up a love of words from her father, who had the habit of reciting poems by Kipling, Wordsworth and Tennyson as he walked about the house.

After graduating high school with honors, Diana married at 19, and received both a Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and a Master of Social Work with Honors and was on the Dean’s List at the University of Manitoba.

Diana likes to joke about her checkered resume, and calls herself a Jill of all trades. As a student, she worked as a cashier, baker’s helper, librarian, sales clerk in fashion, and a professional model, which she continued to do after she graduated. Though writing was relegated to hobby status, she did join the Manitoba Authors Association.

After her home economics degrees, she taught junior high and instructed night school students. Then, during her twenty-five years as a clinical social worker, she taught at a community college, was a field instructor for schools of social work at the University of Manitoba and the University of British Columbia, and worked as a therapist in a variety of settings—psychiatric ward, community mental health centers, children’s residential treatment facility, child guidance clinic, employee assistance agencies, a cancer agency, and private practice.

As for writing, she was editor of the Child Guidance Newsletter for three years, published an article on family therapy, and wrote a couple of travel and fitness articles for city newspapers. In 1985, she took a year’s break from social work and became a freelance writer broadcaster for CBC Television’s Sports Journal. One of her highlights was covering the first all female crew to sail from Victoria to Maui.

Along the way, Diana’s love of language took her into the field of acting. With her children grown, and while still working as a social worker, she studied scene study with Mel Tuck at Gastown Actors Studio and took numerous workshops with Carol Rosenfeld of HB studios. Since then, she’s worked on TV series, commercials and movies of the week. Her acting credits here.

She also joined a screenwriters group and wrote three screenplays—getting the attention of one star’s agent in L.A. Her acting career slowed in 1998 when she and her husband moved from Vancouver to Vancouver Island because they wanted to be close to one of their daughters. Though she missed working in front of the camera, she helped her grandson produce a few short films and co-write one.

Together with her husband, Robert, Diana has been fortunate to travel extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They have two children: Karen and Robyn, and three grandchildren.

Now, in Campbell River, British Columbia, Diana enjoys meeting with her fellow writers twice a month. She’s written a stage play, some short stories and many poems. She’s had a poem published in the UK journal Dreamcatcher. A short story was published in Escape, an anthology put out by Peregrin publishers in 2012.

Her debut novel, A Cry From The Deep, a romantic mystery and adventure was published in October, 2014, and The Blue Nightgown, a novelette in May, 2015. She also hopes to publish soon, her baba’s story, No Time For Tears, that takes place between 1915-1929 in what is now Ukraine, as well as another novel that takes place on a psych. ward in the 70s.

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