It all began with Ray Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles” and the wise prodding of a seventh grade English teacher. Since then, a love for literature and for bringing thoughts and ideas to life through the medium of the short story has led to Richard Hazel’s penchant for storytelling. Richard believes the creative process is a gift and has a passion for helping others understand that, as well as learn how to use their own creative gifts to their greatest potential. Stories are not merely entertainment. They are a means of communicating timeless truths and the heart of the author.

He is the author of The Lost Viking Saga and Colonel Septimus Stalwart Darrach’s Vade Mecum of Extra Ordinary Human Beings. He splits his writing time between short stories, weekly serialized projects on his website, and working on his next novel. Richard still writes everything longhand with a fountain pen in a Moleskine notebook before it ever enters the digital realm. He writes from a deep well of life experiences and believes that every story has some element of autobiography no matter how minimal that may be. Richard spends the bulk of his time being a husband to his wife Carol, being a father to his sons, Josiah and Daniel, and working at his day job as a Technology Analyst for FedEx . He lives with his family on their peaceful and inspirational four acres in northwestern Illinois where he continues to test the boundaries of his imagination.

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