Author S.D. Johnson BIO:

S.D. Johnson, also known as, Samone Danette Johnson to her family and friends. She is an author, blogger, mentor, ordained minister, and provoking speaker from Sacramento, California. She is also a loving wife and mother of three amazing children. Many of her inspirational writing projects have come from her life experiences as well as her strong faith in God. As a mentor; S.D. Johnson has shared her heart by assisting in developing young people. It is her passion to help our next generation find and pursue their God-given purposes in life. From that passion she has written and utilized a mentoring curriculum, entitled Hadassah 4:14. Many speaking opportunities are presented to her; where she has shared her testimony and poured into women young and mature, in hopes to encourage them with the journey God has given her.

In 2012, S.D. Johnson released her first novel in a series, which has been published as an eBook. The Weekend: A Short Before the Story, is a reflection of events that have taken place in her life. She was able to create various characters that held different aspects and personalities from people that she has come across over time. Without knowing it a head of time, some of what was written actually transpired for her in real life. The book received great reviews and the followers of her work, look forward to the next book in the series.

In 2014, S.D. Johnson also released her second novel (which is not apart of The Weekend series), entitled Ball Hog. This is a remarkable story that tells the story of a troubled basketball prodigy that has to make some tough decisions in her life. This story was also taken from real life situations and people that she has dealt with in her life. This book can be found as an eBook and also physical copies that you can get right here on the website.

In 2015 S.D. Johnson has self-published her curriculum Hadassah 4:14: Ladies Leadership and Personal Development Curriculum. She currently uses it with public connections, such as Bridge Network, Juvenile Justice Department, and one on one mentoring sessions. To find out more about it get in contact with us.

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