Steven Kenneth (SK) Benton has a problem – he thinks too much.
It’s been that way since he was young.

Starting with his first short story, a 2nd-grade epic called “Evil Knotsy Ghosts”, he has been writing everything from technical documentation to science fiction/fantasy.

Okay – we’re kidding about the story he wrote in 2nd grade being “epic”, but it was kinda cute.

Steve grew up in Southeast Portland, Oregon, where it rained on a daily basis. Having the choice of either catching pneumonia outside, or staying by a warm, roasting fire and reading, he chose the latter (most of the time). His reading tastes ranged from historical documents to science fiction and fantasy. He excelled in anything in school that had nothing to do with numbers (he was math-phobic), mostly English, but also including foreign languages. When not reading he was either skiing at nearby Mt. Hood (during the winter), or (in the summer) hanging out at the river with his friends. Still, he always had a book with him. He later moved to Southern California to start his adult life.

Benton foresaw the importance of computers in normal, everyday life, but could not afford one, so he sold his beat-up 1971 VW van and bought a one-way ticket to Alaska, where he worked as a commercial fisherman. Returning to So Cal after a year, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his wife had stashed the money he had regularly sent back, and the couple purchased their first house. He got to work as a graphic artist and a computer applications instructor, and then after a short while cross-trained artists at Walt Disney Imagineering, even teaching Photoshop to Disney icon John Hench , the company’s resident color expert.

If a real-life country is mentioned in his books, he’s been there. This personal experience enables him to create extremely detailed narratives that are easily corroborated by others who have been to the same locales, yet at the same time provide description enough for the unfamiliar to envision themselves in the places.

Benton holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and speaks Spanish fluently. He is also an inventor, having created the world’s first automated online radio frequency analysis system, still in use today (he’s the company’s C.I.O.). As far as sports go, he’s an expert-level alpine skier, as well as an avid surfer, mountain biker and target shooter. If he’s not in his Southern California home he is either in the Northern California mountains (most likely Mammoth Mountain), or hanging out with a relative in another country.

His direct Benton line first came to America in 1638, from Essex, England, settling in New Haven, CT.

SK welcomes you to look at his online presence, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or his blogs. He also has Snapchat, which is unusual for an author, but he enjoys engaging directly with readers and sharing hillarities.

And most importantly, if you read one of his books please review it – if you like it. If you don’t, well, some things are better left unsaid. But you’ll probably like it. We’re sure.

And S.K. really are his initials.


Twitter: @authorskbenton

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