About Loquacious Lair Of Poetry

About Loquacious Lair Of Poetry is a page providing a few details about Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic and his second official blog.  The page is built on the domain ‘loquaciouslair.com’ which was established in the first month of 2016.  Alexander M. R. Smoljanovic has always enjoyed poetry although he never actually wrote any until a few years ago.  No previous relationships offered any reason to be poetically romantic.  His first poems were written for his Swedish girlfriend while he still lived in Vancouver Canada before he met her in person.

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Alex and Pia were over five thousand kilometers apart and were regularly connected via Skype.  His sweetie Pia was the inspiration for his poetry.  Pia was his only muse for poetry and art.  The poetry he wrote was sent to her along with animated hearts.  They were married a few years later one summer when Pia visited him a second year in a row.  Since then his poetry has branched to categories other than romantic love.  His favorite category for poetry is generally fantasy as well as science fantasy.  The first book he published contained much of his older poems.  Illusory Realm Of Poetry was the book that contained most of the poems written for Pia along with a few others.  Loquacious Lair Of Poetry contained some of the newer material mixed with a few of his older poems.

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