Become an Author

*MineEye is a global book community and open to all countries and nationalities*.

Have you always had a secret desire to become an author ?

Perhaps you have already published your works but are looking for a more effective, more inspiring and friendlier environment in which to sell your books ? A place where you have full control over your sales.

Here at MineEye, we have experienced the range of difficulties that authors starting out always seem to experience, especially when dealing with the major players – we are determined to offer another way.

MineEye has been built by indie authors for indie authors.

Join us today for $2.99 (saving on the regular subscription price of $9.99) under our introductory offer (funds received will help our team continue to function successfully through promotions, our online blogs and newspaper where we will be regularly interviewing our indie authors)

The small fee also means that we will have only those authors who truly believe in their creative endeavors.

If you have already packaged your work and it is e-reader or Kindle-ready (epub or mobi format) submit it to us and we will upload it onto MineEye. We will continue to offer your book online and actively promote it to our 200,000 followers through VoiceBoxLive on Twitter.

You will receive every penny, every cent, that the customers pay for your book !

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