Is your publisher working hard enough for you?

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Have you managed to get your book published but find that sales are disappointing because nobody knows that your book is out there ? It is so easy to find a website or an indie publisher that is happy to publish your work but actually does nothing to actively promote it. MineEye is a community of writers, avid readers and bookworms - we just love books basically ! We spen...
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Why an Online Bookshop – hasn’t this been done before ?

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Yes. However, we believe that the time is ripe for a better way. A nicer way. Something that is more effective for new writers starting out. The established "big boys" in the online literary world are major commercial organisations, they have targets to meet and shareholders to satisfy, every day, every year. The reality is that they do not have the time or inclination to posit...
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What is MineEye ?

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MineEye is a like-minded community of artists, writers and musicians from all over the world that have met on social media. From the start, we fell into friendship, have always been mutually-supportive of each others endeavours and have created a warm and positive network. We believe that talent should be nurtured and reinforced - expressing yourself and your art can be a chall...
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