P.A. Davies

Gongle Shanks sent me a message that read something like, "P.A. Davies is a great guy! Do a little post about him." I thought, "I guess I'll pencil it in!" It's not often I say anything nice about that ridiculous imp, but he was right. (Don't tell him I said that! It will go straight to his bulbous head!) So, I set out to acquire a copy of George: A Gentleman of the road wit...
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It's time for a giveaway! Halloween is in the air so let's capture that! We are looking for generous MineEye author's to donate a digital copy of their book to be given away to one lucky winner! Simply email a digital copy to UrsulaLygarlis@gmail.com by October 7. Include BookGiveaway in the subject line! Once the contest has been created, you will receive a link to share! Let...
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Is your publisher working hard enough for you?

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Have you managed to get your book published but find that sales are disappointing because nobody knows that your book is out there ? It is so easy to find a website or an indie publisher that is happy to publish your work but actually does nothing to actively promote it. MineEye is a community of writers, avid readers and bookworms - we just love books basically ! We spen...
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It has been roughly three weeks since the very first #MineEyeChallenge posted. Of the hundreds of people emailed, only seven have submitted their response! I guess that means the odds are high for your bingo card to be chosen as the winner.   Let me remind you what your playing for: a week as the number one featured book on MineEye. That means as our wizard ...
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Author Challenge

We've decided that it is time to do a proper Author Challenge at MineEye. We run giveaways to bring in readers. We run ads to promote books. We even prowl the internet for new authors to join our team. Now, it's time to grab you, the author, by your... mouse pad and drag you into the fun. No challenge is worthwhile without a healthy prize, right? We have discussed and consid...
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Win £20 Voucher

a Rafflecopter giveaway Yes, you heard right! Our MineEye masters have given me permission to offer another £20 Amazon Voucher to one lucky winner! Could it be more fabulous? I must apologize that this month we are raffling away cold hard- virtual- cash and no books. That just means you will have to enter this month, use your money and check back next month to see what bo...
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Why an Online Bookshop – hasn’t this been done before ?

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Yes. However, we believe that the time is ripe for a better way. A nicer way. Something that is more effective for new writers starting out. The established "big boys" in the online literary world are major commercial organisations, they have targets to meet and shareholders to satisfy, every day, every year. The reality is that they do not have the time or inclination to posit...
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Author Promotion

MineEye truly has exploded with new authors. It's fantastic to see so many brand new books being added to the site weekly. Honestly, I'm not sure how our tech wizard keeps up with it all. He does have magic... maybe he just waves his- Never mind that. So, we boast here how we will promote our new authors and share the books across all the different social media platforms...
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