Is your publisher working hard enough for you?

Have you managed to get your book published but find that sales are disappointing because nobody knows that your book is out there ?

It is so easy to find a website or an indie publisher that is happy to publish your work but actually does nothing to actively promote it.

MineEye is a community of writers, avid readers and bookworms – we just love books basically ! We spend more hours every day on Twitter and Facebook than we should, talking to people, sharing ideas and talking about books and new authors that we have found.

If you find yourself locked into a contract that you cannot escape for the time being but would love a helping hand from our enthusiastic team of 12 people to promote your book for a very modest fee of $3.99 per month (no minimum period!), then please come and talk to us – we will be delighted to help ! Where else can you get that much value from marketing?

See our Billboard page here: Promote My Book

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