MineEye Terms & Conditions for Authors

MineEye wants to be an author-friendly site that does not confront you with page after page of complicated terms and conditions. There are some things however that we have to agree with you, our author, for the protection of both of us. We hope you will find that all of the conditions are reasonable and acceptable. If you don’t agree with them we will not be able to make your work available on our site. If you don’t agree, please tell us why and we will try to change the conditions if we can for the benefit of all.

1. When the conditions apply.

Submitting your work to us will mean you have accepted these conditions. If we have to make changes to the conditions, not withdrawing your book from the site will mean that you have accepted the change(s).

2. Changes to the conditions.

If we have to make changes to the conditions we will inform you in writing. No change in the conditions will alter your right to the royalties you have earned prior to the change.

3. Time during which conditions apply

These conditions, together with any changes to them, will continue to apply as long as your work is on the MineEye website.

4. Eligibility to Publish on MineEye

4.1 You must be at least 18 years of age
4.2 You must be the owner of the copyright or have the right to publish the work, any cover art and accompanying drawings and illustrations.
4.3 You will be the publisher of your work. We will be its distributor.

5. Publishing and distributing works.

5.1.1 Delivery. In order to publish your work on MineEye you will need to comply with the instructions for uploading on the website.

5.1.2 Content. The work must comply with all applicable laws

5.1.3 MineEye reserves the right to decide what works it will accept for distribution through MineEye.

5.1.4 Withdrawal. You can withdraw your work(s) from MineEye at any time by informing us via email

5.2 Price of Works.

You decide the price you wish to charge for your work and can change it at any time through the website. The price must be set in US Dollars. Whilst based in the UK, MineEye is not obliged to charge UK Value Added Tax at present but reserves the right to do so if at any time it does become so obliged.

5.3 Payments

5.3.1 Annual Fee. For each year in which you publish your work on MineEye you will pay the annual fee at the date of publication and at each anniversary of that date.

5.3.2 Royalties. We will pay you in US Dollars the amount paid to us by purchasers of your work on the MineEye website, less any fee taken by PayPal at cost. We will pay you for all works sold during January to March in each year by 15th April; during April to June by 15th July; during July to September by 15th October and during October to December by 15th January.

5.3.3 Taxes. MineEye does not deduct tax from any payment and it is your responsibility to account for any tax liability you incur through the sale by us of your work.

6. Grant of Rights.

6.1 In submitting your work to MineEye you grant us a non-exclusive worldwide licence to distribute your work in the digital format supplied by you. You are free to arrange for the publication and/ or distribution of your work in addition to or instead of its distribution on MineEye.
6.2 If at any time you grant exclusive publication and/or distribution rights to a third party you must inform us immediately so that we can remove your work from the MineEye site.

7. Liability

MineEye shall have no liability to you other than in respect of payment to you of royalties.

8. Law

These conditions are subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the English courts.