Promote my Book !

Are you locked-in contractually to an independent publisher who has exclusive rights to sell your book for you? Or have you signed-up with another online bookstore and your book is already displayed there ? But what if they are doing nothing to actively promote your book for you? What if nobody knows it’s there and it is just not selling?

Our team at MineEye has a very strong presence on social media. Not only do we have a team of volunteers who are passionate about books but we have a network of community sites that we run (such as Voicebox Chronicle) that can help you get better “reach” in terms of your audience.

To get this service launched, we are now offering our new service free of charge, for a limited time. This means that all you have to do is register your book and we will promote it on social media for free. What’s the catch ? There isn’t one !

If you are ready to join us, please fill in the form below, tell us about your book and its artwork and the MineEye team will format and publish a whole-page advertisement for you. This may take up to 48 hours to appear on our site but we do our best to turn them around much sooner than that – we know how important this is to you.

The #VoiceBoxLive team on Twitter are devoted to MineEye and several of us are indie authors too, that’s why we love what we do!

Thank you for reading!

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