The Last Child of Leif


By Chris Pridmore

The story follows the early life of Valiant, the prince of Bavaria, who is forced to flee his home after the assassination of his father. He is joined in his flight by his mother and their protector, Sebastian Alexanderson. During their escape they stumble into a travelling circus, run by a kindly man called Konrad. Konrad offers to hide the prince in the circus as it travels around the world, an offer which is accepted. It becomes apparent as they travel that the world is darker than anything Valiant could imagine, and that perhaps the fairy tales he was told are more than just stories. As the darkness looms around him, it is up to Sebastian and their new friends in the circus to keep him safe. Join Valiant on his adventure as he finds out what it means to be the last child of Leif.

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It is a strange thing to know you are about to die. Standing on the gallows, noose around my neck, I know I should be frightened, terrified even. And yet, strangely, I’m calm. Serene, almost. Pacing back and forth in front of me, a man in what looks like a dress sporting a white wig reads off a trumped up list of charges. From the look of him, he is a man who is fond of his own voice. At least that means I get an extra few moments of life.
On the gallows with me is Sebastian Alexanderson, the man who raised me as a son. Standing bolt upright despite the beating he’s taken over the last few days, looking every inch the life long soldier. A pang of guilt hits me that he will be joining me on this final adventure, but deep down I know there is nowhere he’d rather be.
As the fop in a dress continues to drone on I find myself thinking back about how I ended up here. I was born a prince, and now I’m being hung as a traitor. How did I come to this…?
The Last Child of Leif is an epic fantasy fiction story set in an alternative history, early industrial earth. While standing on the gallows, Valiant reflects back on his early life, starting with the assassination of his father. Valiant, his mother and their protector Sebastian are forced to flee their home after this. During their escape, they find themselves in a travelling circus, run by a kindly man named Konrad who seems to know more than he is letting on. Konrad offers to hide them in the circus as it travels the world. Surrounded by colourful characters, Valiant joins the circus as it moves around the world in huge carriages dragged around by almost as big traction engines. While Valiant settles into this new life, his young mind struggles to come to terms with the upheaval, and the relative safety of the circus turns out to be little more than a façade. The enemies chasing Valiant turn out to be far more committed and far darker than anyone had expected. It falls to Sebastian and their new friends in the circus to protect Valiant from many threats, both natural and supernatural. As they travel, it becomes apparent that Valiant might be more important than anyone could image. Join Valiant as he finds out what it means to be the last child of Leif.


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