A Cry From The Deep


Author: Diana Steven
Author's Website: Diana Steven – Writer/Actor
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In this time travel romantic adventure, Catherine Fitzgerald, an underwater photographer, gets a call to cover the hunt for one of the lost ships of the Spanish Armada off the coast of Ireland. It's led by a notorious salvager, who'll do anything to get what he wants. But before she goes, she buys an antique Claddagh ring and begins to have nightmares and visions of a woman in a white dress. Why she's being haunted by this woman from a previous century becomes as compelling as the hunt itself.

Sold by: Diana Stevan
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When Catherine Fitzgerald gets a call to cover the hunt for a lost ship from the Spanish Armada, she’s running a lavender farm in Provence. It’s a farm she’d bought to deal with a difficult divorce and a near death diving accident ten years before. Despite her fears of diving again, the prospect of photographing a notorious salvager is too attractive to resist. But if she takes the assignment, who will take care of her daughter, Alex, and the farm she’s grown to love? When her ex, a psychiatrist in New York, offers to take care of their daughter, and a neighbour has a cousin who’d manage the farm, there seems to be nothing standing in her way. Nothing, until she buys an antique Claddagh wedding ring that sets off a series of nightmares and visions more compelling than the hunt itself.

Complicating matters is Daniel Costello, a marine archaeologist on the dive team. She can’t help but feel drawn to him, even though he’s about to be married. What she doesn’t know is she’s on a path, to fulfill a promise of love made centuries before by the young woman who inhabits her dives and dreams.

As Catherine begins to unravel the mystery of this woman, she has to come to grips with her own struggle to find true love. Will it be her ex, psychiatrist Richard Egan, who still loves her, or the handsome but unavailable Daniel Costello?

This story is inspired by the movie, I’ll Never Forget You. It’s about a man who goes back in time and falls in love with a woman in a previous century. When he returns to the present, he is attracted to a woman who looks exactly like the one in the past.

A Cry From The Deep is a multi-layered romance that exposes not only one woman’s longing, but also the beauty of the deep with its buried cultural treasures and the unsavory souls that populate the slippery slope of salvaging. Readers who like inspirational love stories that take them into the unknown will be attracted to this story of love and loss, set in beautiful Provence, Florida Keys, Manhattan, and Ireland.


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