Loose Threads: Cool Assassins 1


By J. O. Quantaman

Nyssa goes from the Penthouse to the Doghouse where she becomes a superspy. Will it break her heart? Alternate history, circa 2070s.

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Sold by: J. O. Quantaman


Imagine a community that has shed itself of predatory capitalism. It consists of worker-owned cooperatives that must prove themselves before they can sell goods or services. There are no parasitic “middlemen” – there are no adverts. Everyone enjoys fewer working hours, more leisure time.

But transnational corporations have determined what’s good for the working class is bad for business. Big corporations want to remove cooperatives from the face of the earth. Dog Breakfast co-op stands in their way.

Nyssa is rescued from the sex trade when she arrives at Dog Breakfast co-op. No longer a victim she tries her hand at martial arts. But will she gain what her heart seeks?


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