A Very Special Child


Author: Debra Shiveley Welch
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ISBN-10: 1894936426 ISBN-13: 978-1894936422
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Written from the heart, A Very Special Child will touch a very special place in your heart. This warm and loving story explains to an adopted child how very special they are. Winner of FaithWriter’s Gold Seal of Approval – Outstanding Read.

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When my husband and I first adopted our child, I searched for an appropriate children’s book to help me share with our son the wonder of adoption. I was unable to find a story that fit our situation: one that, I felt, was appropriate to most of us who adopt. I decided to write my own so that other adoptive parents could tell their children, with my help, how their adoption came to be – not through adoption agencies, not from airplanes, but from the creator of us all.

I wanted to tell the story in a spiritual and non-denominational way and in such a manner that would make a child proud to be adopted. I also felt that it was important to reinforce the fact that he or she was loved from the very beginning. These feelings, therefore, were my muse, and A Very Special Child sprang from my heart virtually complete with the first writing.

Conceived on a spring day as I waited to pick up my son from preschool, I began A Very Special Child as I sat in my van, enjoying the feel of warm sun, content and happy to be performing such a simple task: picking up my child.
My child. How beautiful those two words were and still are. Sometimes I felt as if I should pinch myself. Surely this was a dream! The sweet reality was that I was, indeed, and finally, a mother.

It was at that moment that the core for the story of A Very Special Child was formed. I grabbed the pad and pencil that I always kept near me and began to tell the story of how a very special child came to be born.

In addition to “A Very Special Child,” please allow me to present to you some essays and poetry by myself and my mother. These writings are also close to my heart, and it gives me great pleasure to offer them to you.

I hope you will enjoy the story, essays and poems offered here, and that your Very Special Child enjoys them as well. After all, this book was written for your very special child!


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