The Greater Good


Author: Henry Brown
Format: eReader Format (epub) only
File Size: 423 Kb
Sold by: MineEye Ltd
Language: English
ISBN No: 9781310981654
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

A political satire in the form of an absurd superhero parody. Leftists, pinkshirts, SJWs and the humorless will not enjoy.

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Infinite crises are going to waste! Greedy businessmen are making profits! Insensitive hatemongers are trying to make it against the law to be an illegal alien! People are harboring intolerant thoughts, while others are abusing freedom of speech to broadcast incorrect opinions!

The world has never known such need for a new narrative to neuter the nefarious network of neanderthal neo-fascists knocking at the noble ramparts of progress.

In a nutshell, the world needs a national agency of superheroes who know that now and then it’s necessary to negate a few nugatory individual rights for the sake of the greater good.


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