A Shining Star


By R. Castro

“A wonderful story of love and dedication in the dog-eat-dog world of business and the rich elite. This story is well developed with some very believable, fallible characters who struggle to find love in that gaudy, faux world of the wealthy.
Her main character is a fundraiser for the Shining Light Foundation, which supports the abused and orphaned community, finding appropriate foster homes for the needy, abused children in their area.
With an adroit skill at character portrayal, Ms. Castro shows us the developing love between her main character and a foundation board member who happens to run with the rich and famous.
Their attraction and burgeoning love is expertly depicted by the author.”
I loved this engaging and absorbing tale of two people finding their true love and their struggles to become one with each other.
I highly recommend this book.

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After the death of her beloved Miss Taylor, Cali Malone found herself at a crossroads in her young life. She’d already suffered more than seemed realistic at her sixteen years of age. Still, she managed to find the strength from within, held onto her unwavering faith and looked toward the future. A future she did not see coming.

Now, she faced the choice to chase her career-driven dreams or continuing at the very place that had offered her hope when she was just nine years old. What she never saw coming was love. A notion she’d chalked off for everyone but herself.

Would Cali find her ‘Happily Ever After?’ Or, would fate threaten the very soul of all those she loved?


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