Christmas in Holly Springs


By R.Castro

“I loved the way this story referenced one of my favorite books, The Alchemist, as part of developing the characters. I can’t say a lot more without revealing spoilers, except to say that this is totally a feel-good story that will leave you wanting more.”

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Sold by: R Castro


Regina Blackwell didn’t know her father. At the age of sixteen, she lost her mother. There’d always been a sense of emptiness and a yearning for belonging, that she could not placate. Of course, her mother’s estranged family didn’t help. But, Stephanie, Regina’s best friend, did her best to fill the void.

College took Regina to Seattle, and her career kept her there. However, change was in the air when her employer was forced to make drastic cuts, which resulted in her taking unexpected time off. Coincidentally, this led to a chain of events that had her packing and on her way to unravel the mystery that was her father. Soon, Regina was on her way to Holly Springs, Arkansas, a small country village in the middle of nowhere USA, at least that was how she’d perceived it.

Holly Springs held more than just the answers she’d been looking for; it held a chance encounter with one, handsome, Charles Vandermark.


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