A Dog that Dies


By Nick C Roberts

When law-abiding hairdresser Howard Bevan receives a death threat letter one morning, he can’t understand why. Should he take it seriously or is it some kind of joke? No one he shows the letter to has any idea what could be behind it either, but within days of receiving it, Howard and his close friend Steve are found shot dead on a river bank.
Amid a slow moving police investigation, Graham Childs, a mild-mannered teacher and friend of the murdered men, decides to begin inquiries of his own. But acting out his amateur sleuth fantasies soon sparks a chain of events that spirals out of control with unforeseen and shocking repercussions.

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When unassuming & law-abiding hairdresser Howard Bevan finds a death threat letter on his front porch mat one morning, he is both shocked & baffled. Is it a joke or is it a serious threat, he wonders, & if serious, who could be behind it?
Neither Howard nor anyone else he knows has a clue what the mysterious letter could mean, but when the recipient & his close friend Steve are found shot dead on a quiet river bank a few days later, a double murder inquiry is launched.
Whilst the police investigation appears to be moving slowly, another of Howard’s friends, school teacher Graham Childs begins an investigation of his own. As he indulges his amateur sleuth fantasies & digs deeper into the case, he becomes more & more convinced who might be responsible for the death threat letter & why. But the closer he gets to the truth & to the girl he’s fallen in love with, the more danger he exposes himself to.


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