Maggot Soup


Author: Sean Taylor
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Detective Skyelar Halford hasn't failed to solve a murder yet, however, for the first time, his skills are being pushed to their limits. He is the best South Africa has to offer, but on one fateful night he answers an obscure phone call, which ultimately pits him against a sadistic serial killer nicknamed, 'The Artist'. Skyelar has partnered up with a strong team of fellow detectives, including Mike 'Bulldog' Sutton, Jericho 'Bear' Joshua, and the seductive Ani Taylor, to uncover the identity of this evasive killer, who never leaves a clue behind.

Please note that this book contains adult themes and strong language that may offend some readers.

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In the midst of trying to solve the most infuriating murder case he has ever had, Skyelar deals with his mother’s alcoholism, as well as his growing desires for his new partner Ani. A man sworn to his profession, he knows that his love for Ani can not be fulfilled unless he divorces himself from his job. When pressed, Skyelar can unleash profanities that twist his usually clear blue voice into a toxic black venom.

When one of the team becomes ‘The Artist’s’ next victim, Skyelar firms his resolve to apprehend ‘The Artist’, while Sutton chooses a different path. All the while, the liquid silver voice of Darren Douglas, ‘The Artist’, haunts Skyelar, taunting, nay, challenging him. But Darren’s arrogant belief that he is untouchable, leads him to make mistakes, and Skyelar takes advantage. Although he has made progress with the case, Skyelar still feels helpless as the months go by without results. Skyelar seeks assistance from a mysterious man he has known since childhood: a man outside of the law, who will assist Skyelar, but, if all else fails, is willing to take matters into his own hands. Can Skyelar live up to his fathers legacy, or is he his own person, not driven by the ghost of a dead man.
An intellectual, who will only play with his equal, Darren has deliberately chosen Skyelar for the ultimate challenge. To prove he is the best, Darren must evade capture from the country’s top detective. Without any M.O., or evidence left at a scene, and with perfect planning, ‘The Artist’, has the potential to be the greatest serial killer the world has ever seen. But as with all men of power, they fall to their own self glorification, and Darren is no exception. He falls victim to his pride, as Skyelar plays to his ego, forcing errors from the perfect killer..

With sheer cunning and determination, can Skyelar achieve his victory and get his man. Through a strange twist of events, Darren’s father is arrested. Playing one against the other, will the interrogation reveal to the police, the ‘how’, and the ‘why’, as father and son are pitted against each other.


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I was born in Zimbabwe when it was still Rhodesia, but due to the war at the time my mother, being a single mother, decided that it would be safer for us if we left the country and moved to South Africa. I was raised in Natal as a youngster and later as a teen I lived in Gauteng.

Early on in life I discovered I had a great love for reading and poetry, and loved the works of poets such as S.T. Coleridge, Poe, Douglas Livingstone (I found out later that my mother had worked with him at the CSIR in Natal), and of course the man himself, Shakespeare.

I had a vivid imagination and during my primary years at school I found that I had some talent for writing. I really enjoyed expressing myself on paper, and writing in a manner that would lead the reader to think one thing, and then throw them a curve ball that would surprise them.

I grew up reading a variety of authors including C.S. Lewis and the tales of Narnia, as well as the popular childrens novels by Enid Blyton and my personal favorites, Rudyard Kipling, and Roald Dahl.

As an adult I found I had a great love for Tom Clancy and ultimately made it my mission to acquire everything I could of his works. I have read and enjoyed Stephen King, James Patterson, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Stephen Leather, and Matthew Reilly. I also enjoy good fantasy novels by Margaret Weiss and Trcay Hickman, as well as Tolkien and Raymond E Feist, to name but a few.

As a teen I wrote poems and songs, and ultimately attempted writing novels, which I never completed. By the time I was 30, I had many failed attempts, and decided that perhaps this was not the way for me to go. However by 35 I had a new ideas in mind and decided once again to put pen to paper, and jotted down the outline for what would ultimately become “Maggot Soup”.

Writing aside, I have had a variety of jobs since I was twelve years old, and finally settled in the road transport industry, working with courier and freight, as well as vehicle tracking and recovery. I have tried my hand at woodwork, and glass engraving, home renovation, and pencil art. I have a fascination for weather and landscape photography, as well as wildlife photography, and I am passionate about saving our severely endangered Rhino’s and Elephants.