The Art of Murder


By Carol McKee Jones

Murder, art, romance, set in the city of Paris. When he is forced to flee London, antique dealer, Liam, attempts to start anew in Paris. He meets and moves in with an ex-nightclub singer, Alouette. He discovers a talented artist and intends to set himself up as an art dealer. However his obsession with the artist’s beautiful model and his poor decision-making skills lead him into danger. Will Alouette come to his rescue?

A psychological crime novel – the decisions Liam makes lead him further – and further – into trouble.


A classic psychological crime novel of betrayal and revenge set in the lovely city of Paris.
Antique dealer, Liam, takes the Eurostar to Paris when a deal goes wrong and he fears for his life. He meets Alouette, an ex-nightclub singer, and moves in with her when he falls ill.
Always searching for the next deal, in a street market, he discovers an artist with a unique talent. His intentions to set himself up as an art dealer are foiled by his obsession with artist’s stunning model.
His knack for making poor decisions leads him further into trouble and, ultimately, into his worst nightmare. Will Alouette once again come to his rescue?
This is an atomospheric tale of crime and punishment set in the magical city of Paris. Follow in Liam’s footsteps, discovering the sights and smells of the city: the galleries, cafes, Montmartre, the left bank, the Seine, and Monet’s lovely gardens in Giverny:
“Monsieur has done this before,” the woman said sternly, dipping her hand into the glass jar. “Bargaining, I mean.”
“Many times,” Liam said with a smile. He didn’t mind her sour manner. He had won the deal, and that was all that mat­tered.


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