The Blue Woods trilogy, The Penny Series & Breaking Free and Echoes of Doubt


By Pat McDonald

Crime author of ‘The Blue Woods Trilogy’ consisting of Getting Even: Revenge is best served cold; Rogue Seed;Boxed Off.

Breaking Free Y.A paranormal thriller about stalking set in the North Wales, UK, has a hint of historical W.W 1 drama that is surprisingly haunting! ‘A Penny For Them’ Book 1 is a humorous look at crime, ‘The Penny Drops’ Book 2 and ‘A Bad Penny’ about Benjamin Matthews who gets drawn into a series of unfortunate incidents.

‘Echoes of Doubt’ finds Cyrus Bartholomew in the Witness Protection Programme, the former P.I and Crime Scene Investigator is the owner of Time and Tide a clockmaker’s shop in a sleepy seaside backwater where crime hardly ever happens until his next door neighbour is found brutally murdered! Was it meant to be him?

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Benjamin Matthews is the hapless hero with the innocent face of an angel and only two GCSEs in chemistry and history. At the vast age of thirty, he has not yet found his niche in life, but has drifted along performing a series of jobs that always go wrong.

Then he meets Rebecah, a nymphomaniac and the beautiful daughter of a failed politician who is one of the most successful villains in his hometown.

If lying should ever become an art form, Ben would succeed, because people believe in his honest face. From his very first white lie (about his name being Benjamin Pollock), he digs himself in deeper and deeper, realising that it is important to be considered a Pollock.

Even he has to admit that he is rather good at this lying malarkey. Ben finds he has a talent for being a criminal, going from strength to strength, and taking Daisy Productions to new heights. But will his latest business venture follow the usual pattern and fail? Will his fabrications be the end of him?

A Penny for Them takes a humorous look at crime from the viewpoint of the criminal and is spot on.


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