A Christmas Duet


By Shobana Gomes
Robert Chandon Smith had never met a woman like Catherine Mason who had captivated him from the first instant he laid eyes on her. His world came crumbling down as he realized that he had fallen in love with a brown eyed beauty much younger than him. He was unable to express his feelings for her and began a diary detailing every little incident that transpired between them which resulted in him stalking her in the end. His feelings written in the first narrative intermingled with poetic expressions would soon be his source of comfort in this touching story of love told from an anguished heart.

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Sold by: Shobana Gomez


(Poetic Expression)

If there was a hint of a conversation on her part
I would have asked her out
But it just dragged on being that way for quite a while
Would she be dreading seeing me some days I thought
But she always conjured up instead with a smile of sort
That perked me up a bit and brightened this age old heart

I began to now enter into another phase where I always referred to her as “My Heart” because she had the capacity to do strange things to it. Unbeknownst to her and unintentionally, I was captivated with her etiquette and style together with everything else that would have it skip a beat every time. As I sat dreaming about this woman from another time who had my heart and who was my sunrise, I thought about how I had deteriorated as a person with a sound mind.


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