Pryde Before The Fall


By Emma E. Threlfall

Jack MacPhearson is a major Evie Pryde fan and what he has always dreamed of finally comes true, he spends the night with her but things don’t go quite according to plan. But can a one chance encounter lead to anything more than just a pleasant night between two strangers?

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Sold by: Emma E. Threlfall
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Jack MacPhearson and his best mate go to a Pryde concert, they manage to make their way backstage and they witness some in band fighting going on between Evie Pryde the lead singer of the family group and her eldest brother Nathan. Evie began to feel faint from her anxiety over the stage fright she had began to start suffering from and Jack just so happened to catch Evie, though Evie does not recall what happens. After the concert Jack is going to meet his girlfriend at the hotel he was staying at but she breaks up with him over the phone. Enter Evie at the hotel bar and this is where they meet and get acquainted.


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