Atlas Cloud and the Amulet of Thieves


Author: LMJ Rayner
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Atlas Cloud and the Amulet of Thieves:- Atlas is thrust into a realm of magic and monsters. After being attacked on his first night in this strange land, he finds himself struggling to survive especially when he comes face to face with what really goes bump in the night. He learns to use magic and begins to follow the Apostles, an order of magicians trained to protect the gateways between worlds. Legion are their enemy. They will fight to the ends of the world to keep them at bay. But they are devious. They look for an artefact, an item that can change the tide in the war. The Amulet of Thieves.

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‘I waited there in silence, watching as the veins in my arm bulged. The scratching and clawing at the door had stopped. They were inside. I sat towards the door, watching it without blinking, without losing concentration. Knowing that at any minute they would find me. If I am going to die, I am going down kicking and screaming…’
Atlas Cloud, a teenage boy in way over his head, discovers that magic is real. There exists another world far beyond his imagination and he crosses over, leaving behind his normal life for one filled with magic and monsters. Unbeknown to him, in this new world lives a dark and evil presence; a man fuelled by rage and malice. A man who threatens everything Atlas knows and loves. Atlas must face an adventure that challenges him to his very core.

Can he face the darkness?

Or will he unravel in the madness?


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