Bitter is the Salt


Authors: James Willard and Gavin Carter
Formats: Kindle Edition (.mobi) and e-Reader (.epub)
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Print Length: 176 pages
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“Judge me? What is a god? I lived within my own expectations. I shaped the landscape around me and I died in the face of the judgement of others. I did all that I was capable of until I could do no more. I had my time and in remembrance, I live. The memory of who I was is greater than my own flesh and travels beyond my bloodline. I alone, in my time, shaped lives, for better or worse. I can only regret the sadness and loss of those who remain; it is their loss not mine. But each of us must strive for purpose, for one day you too will sit beside me beneath the ancient withered tree. A few, perhaps too few to mention, will be raised up and they will find their spirit carried onwards for the greater good. Much lies beyond. This is but one realm and we leave it swiftly, carried upon butterfly wings, but others such as I are left to the darkness of what lies beneath”.

“So we must travel in our story and question the meaning of morality; for who of us has the right to judge who is good and who is bad? I’ve seen children die, but in doing so they never lose their innocence”.


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