I Am You, The Realm Of Death


Author: Alex Vrettos
Author's Website: The Realm of Stories
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The assassin calls himself You because of what he can do.

To find his victims he floats in the void between life and death and ensnares the mind that he is hunting. From there he can take control of their body, can know everything that they know, can do everything that they can do, and he can look out through their eyes while whispering to their cringing soul, shrieking 'who are you?' into the darkness of the recesses of their own mind, 'shhhhh. I am You.'

I Am You is about death and the life that precedes it.

It is about what it means to be you.

It is about the fun and darkness that you can become embroiled in if you were unencumbered by flesh.

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Two Souls Wandering The World Without Flesh

A body can be a real limitation. Imagine what it would be like if you did not have one, if you could explore the world by borrowing any other body that you wanted. How would you live?


You is a supernatural assassin without limitations, there is no one that he can’t get to and nothing he cannot achieve. This pays for him to live a decadent life in The Realm Of Life using borrowed bodies on his own island run by The Chosen – a collection of lost and talented individuals who he has plucked from the world on his travels.


Matt his riddled with guilt over the lives he has taken in the past and so has exiled himself in The Realm Of Death where he seeks his host to find out why he has not passed on. He only enters The Realm Of Life in attempts to undo the evil doings of his old friend, You.

The Board

The Board are a collection of powerful individuals who live apart from the world but keep it dancing to their tune. When they hear about Matt and You they come after them in order to gain immortality and resurrection and in doing so threaten the invincibility that You has been taking for granted for so long.

What It Means To Be Alive And What It Means To Die

For a while it looks like this shared danger will bring the two friends together, but will this be possible in light of the discoveries that Matt makes about what it means to be alive and what it means to die?


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