Invasion Of The Ortaks: Book 1 Knight


Author: Sveinn Benonysson
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A medieval fantasy, where men and elves fight together when evil forces invade their lands! A thrilling story placed in a world called Esthopia, created by the author.

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Saved in the nick of time by the battle-ready Princess Egny-the niece of Eniktronia’s King Haakon-Carl travels with her through the countryside, attacking the encampments of these dark-clad invaders. While lodging at an inn for the night, enemies posing as local tavern-goers make an attempt on her life. News of the attack reaches the king, who sends Sir Klaus eastward across the outlaw-riddled Bending Pass and into the country of Antonia to learn more about the assassination plot. The novel, filled with well-wrought adventure, hosts a large cast, from the warm Asgrim to the foolhardy Gils, their back stories as attention-grabbing as the main narrative. We learn, for instance, the unsettling history of Christopher, a trader who freed two condemned slaves and joined forces with Klaus against the incoming Ortaks. Esthopians who, faced with the prospect of war with a brutal tribe and betrayal among their ranks, band together-building interest for the series’ next instalment


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After reading the Icelandic Sagas in his childhood, and having a great interest in the world history, the author creates his own world, “Esthopia.” A continent of six kingdoms, and the adventures of the people in it.