Lives of the Provectus


Author: S K Benton
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Language: English
ISBN No: 9781310370601
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Azul, the new home to Mankind, is on the brink. The Vrol are on their way to cleanse the galaxy of humanity, and all faster-than-light travel machinery has been nullified. Max Gunnarsson has to find a way to unite lycan forces from past, present and future and prepare to fight the insect invaders. Can they succeed in time to save their own species, as well as defeat renegade gods of the universe?


In book #3 of The Chronicles of Max Gunnarsson, Mankind is at the brink, desperately trying to reactivate their faster-than-light technology in order to fend off an impending attack by a world-cleansing insectoid species – the same species that decimated the home of their ancestors, Earth. Allying themselves with lycan soldiers of the future, as well as those of the past and Azulian military of the present, Max and his family must first prepare to restore Constitutional rule on their homeworld, Azul, as it has been coopted by genetic vampires intent on wiping out all lycans and returning to the world of their forefathers. Max and Jennie must assist Admiral Bagatelle and the rest of their clan and restore Azul’s defensive, as well as offensive capabilities before the putrid insects arrive, while keeping their young daughter, Liliana, in check. All she wants to do is kill bugs (and cats, vampires and anything else that moves), and will sneak out whenever possible in order to do so. Not everyone is whom they appear to be, and numerous revelations happen during the course of the story, adding to the drama and intrigue.
Read this exciting, mind-wrecking conclusion to The Vrol Trilogy, and learn what really happened, why it did, and prepare to be blown away.


Book #1, Lives of Future-Past, and book #2, Lives of Lost Angels are both available here.


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