Lux Mori


By Valkyrie Lake & Dymphna Dreamer

The earth is dying.
Depending on who you ask, she has been fading for a very long time.
The remaining humans want to leave her. The protectors, known as Stormriders, want to restore her. And then there are the others…
This is how the world ends.
Will the human race end with it?

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When the great storms scourged the earth, the inhabitants split into factions.
Those who were wealthy enough boarded great ships and ventured into space, taking their fortune and knowledge with them. Those who were less fortunate moved underground, building pragmatic bunkers to shelter themselves from the storms.
A group of undergrounders, known as the Topsiders, have sworn an oath to seek out and retrieve remnants of any information and technology that remain in the ruins. Their mission has always been of considerable importance to the residents of the underground, but when it was discovered that the earth was dying their operation became critical to the very survival of the human race as they knew it.
They’ve been sent out on an individual mission, longer and more dangerous than any of their previous assignments. Kai, their leader, will come face to face with both unimaginable horrors and magnificent beauty as he battles to save the lives of not only those he loves but those he loathes as well. Even as he clings to the very edge of hope, he still wonders….who will save them if they can’t save themselves?


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