The Bloodstained Defile


Author: Henry Brown
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Three warriors from vastly different races must battle a sorcerer, an invading armada, and each other, while desperately seeking honor in a world where treachery is the norm.

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During the bloody wars of an alien world’s dark ages, loyalty, integrity and friendship are rare commodities. Why would anyone guess they could be found in the hearts of mercenaries?

Sir Javo left his native Cemar to join the Order of the Black Lancers, and has built a reputation as a champion in single combat. But the general he rides for now has tasked him to serve as a diplomat as well, to negotiate with gigantic cutthroat barbarians known for their rapine and savagery.

Krag the Wrecker has been promised treasure, a horse, and a king’s concubine if he and his score of fellow giants can delay the advancing legions of Dijol’s invading army. It’s a suicide mission, but not an unwelcome one for warriors who worship Death.

Turgar was once a troop chief in the nomadic armies of the great Chieftain Supreme, until betrayed by a warrior-brother and framed for a capital crime. With a price on his head in the expanding empire of Gabom, he has ventured afar, hiring out his bow to the highest bidder. Now beyond the fury of battle, his feline eyes perceive the telltale signs of sorcery in the making. And sorcery is the one force that can cause him to loose his arrows on those who are paying him.

A great storm, an epic battle, and three dangerous warriors…all on a collision course for a narrow mountain pass that is already a bloodstained defile.

This is the “origin story” of the Honor Triad, who will return for many more heroic fantasy adventures.


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