The Hereafter


Author: Alex Vrettos
Author’s Website: Realm of Stories – The Hereafter
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What would life be like on earth if technology could guarantee an afterlife? Would Nature approve?

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The Hereafter looms at the centre of everything, a mysterious artificial afterlife constructed one hundred years ago. It has quieted many of the questions that humankind have asked themselves through the ages, healed the divisions of religion around the world, and global society is showing signs of utopia.

A sudden epidemic of natural disasters is claiming hundreds of human lives at a time and gives some people cause to ask heretical questions that others refuse to hear.

An unlikely group of characters from conflicting ideologies find themselves on the same path to restoring the natural balance in the middle of growing apocalyptic devastation: Malaya, a strange street girl with mysterious friends; Krysta who has an empathetic link with Nature; Malachi, an Agent of The Hereafter lured from his training by Krysta’s convictions; Agent John, a militant Agent of the Hereafter who believes in little more than doing his job; Terry, a detective sick to the soul of feeling like a pawn in other people’s games and Kaylamarr Cromwell, a man hell bent on restoring the threat of divine retribution to people’s lives.


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