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Author: Aaron-Michael Hall
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It was the 75th year of Alberoth when the AsZar summoned the Guardians. There was an imbalance in the lands of Faélondul. The Zaxson, Draizeyn Vereux covered the lands in a pall of darkness. There was a plan to exterminate the infestation in Nazil, a plan to eradicate the humans.




It was the 75th year of Alberoth when the AsZar summoned the Guardians. There was an imbalance in the lands of Faélondul. The Zaxson, Draizeyn Vereux covered the lands in a pall of darkness. There was a plan to exterminate the infestation in Nazil, a plan to eradicate the humans.

Led by the priestly cast called the Cha, the Xenophobic Nazilians dominating Faélondul justified their brutalities against the humans. But when the First Chosen of the elite guard of Nazil discovers Brahanu Ravenot lost near the gates of the city, not only his life but also his entire system of beliefs is forever changed. With all the darkness covering the lands, can love–forbidden, yet eternal–save both humans and Nazilians?

The Rise of Nazil is an adult fantasy novel that takes your breath away. Intricate plotting, intense passion, exciting battles, and complex, challenging characters pull the reader into the mythical world of Faélondul, where powerful ethereal beings wrestle for domination against the brutal Nazilian rulers.


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  1. Aaron-Michael Hall

    “A breath-taking adult fantasy, The Rise of Nazil is the debut release from author Aaron-Michael Hall and it’s one you’d do well to remember. A tale in which Hall takes obvious delight, there’s a distinctly satisfying precision with which he has imagined his world of Faélondul. Not only taking great pains with descriptions that bring a mythical feel to his distant setting, but in creating a military regime and cultural traditions with insightfully nuanced characteristics that are both enthralling and plausible. Discerning fans of this popular genre will find the most loved devices of fantasy are to be found within Hall’s narrative, but it’s his ability to inject a gritty sense of realism that makes it so endearing. Faélondul is a world imbued with good and evil, that permeates through a richly layered social strata, but few facets of human nature have changed and he captures them all. Desire, ambition, greed, each masterfully manifested in a host of vividly rendered characters that make for a riveting read whilst neatly sidestepping the pitfalls of predictability.

    Crafted like a mound of gems picked from the best in genre, The Rise of Nazil makes for a scintillating read. Boding well for future releases from Aaron-Michael Hall, it is recommended without reservation.”
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  2. Aaron-Michael Hall

    “The Rise of the Nazil is Fantasy in its finest form. The breadth and scope of the storyline is of epic proportions.

    What struck me about this story were the parallels to the blights of our own society. In the Nazil you see the same elitist paradigm that plagues the most powerful of our own world. The Nazillians mirror the notorious Nazis with their cruelty, but also with their strength and their charisma. At the same time, they reflect the ideals and apathy of corporate America. Nazil is a formidable machine, and when operated by an evil hand it wreaks havoc across the land, taking as it pleases and leaving death and destruction in its wake. But fear not; there is hope!

    This story is not all death and gloom. Oh no. Contained within these pages are incredible feats of courage, true tests of honor, and most importantly unions bonded by unshakable love. The Rise of Nazil is an epic fantasy that should be shelved next to the works of R.A. Salvatore and J. R. R. Tolkein. Aaron-Michael Hall is a creative world builder with breath-taking deities and a most unique mythos.

    With sweeping love stories, intense battles, theological struggles, and modern sociological themes, this book was the best read of 2015.”

    Warning: Adult Only. Graphic content not suitable for young readers.

  3. Aaron-Michael Hall

    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    “It would be difficult to put Aaron-Michael Hall’s ‘The Rise of Nazil’ in a neat category, as it is an epic tale whose relevance transcends the adult fantasy genre. Purchased a copy of the book on a whim—I was looking for a book to read throughout the weekend, and this caught my eye, especially when I read “forbidden, yet eternal love” in the context of adult content and graphic scenes. I wondered: how does THAT happen? As it turned out, this is a clever book that will get past your defenses, and when you realize it, you’re already hooked. And I’m happy to report that, yes, The Rise of Nazil will indeed take your breath away.

    Like most fantasy books, The Rise of Nazil is populated by fantastic creatures. In its mythical land called Faelondul, the humans are the ones who are oppressed by the white-skinned Nazilians (perhaps an allegory to real-world race issues). The Nazilians are like ancient Rome—they are ruthless, bound by stern laws, and they even employ the military tactic that reminds you of the Roman phalanx. Nazil dominate the land and maintain an uneasy tolerance of humans living in surrounding villages, which are allowed to thrive as long as they serve Nazil’s interests. All would have been well, if not one of Nazil’s most important military officers, the First Chosen Pentanimir, fell hopelessly in love with the human Brahanu. For Brahanu, Pentanimir would break one Nazilian law after another—all with dire, world-changing consequences. I cannot divulge more to avoid giving away spoilers, but let me suffice this to say that if there’s one fantasy book you must read today—in fact, RIGHT NOW—make it this one. All worth it.

    Author Aaron-Michael Hall is the master of the slow burn—he does not dazzle you with quick resolutions or flashy scenes. Instead, he deftly builds up the plot and the sense of suspense one page at a time. And this is one intricate, richly detailed plot: the multitude of characters unleash upon your senses some sort of a powerful eureka once you reach that point in the book where the story climbs its inevitable climax, and you’re left sitting there with your mouth hanging open, unable to look away, knowing fully well you’re going to stand by these unforgettable characters no matter what follies they commit. Even the “evil” characters of the Nazil race—the duplicitous Beilzen, for example, or even the closet homosexual Daracus—all play an important part that serves both a warning and lesson. And somehow—I don’t know how Hall actually achieves it, but maybe through literary “magic”—the tale ends well in a way that just feels oh so right.

    And I’m glad this isn’t over yet—I clicked on the link and the author’s website tells its readers there’s more where this came from. The sequel, Seed of Scorn, is due out in a couple of months. Now that’s something to look forward to. Bookmarked, entered into my calendar of schedule, deeply anticipated. A new die-hard fan here.”
    Amazon Review

  4. Aaron-Michael Hall

    “In the world of the Nazil, power and violence seem to be the only response, and the hatred of other races whose values are bound up in their community seems to permeate everything they do. But not everyone or everything is as it seems, and both sides of the conflict are struggling against fate. The world is well-realized and detailed, with a strong mythos and interesting social characterizations.

    The Rise of the Nazil is a complex work, combining the cadence and richness of “old school” fantasy with the violence, intricate treacheries and modern sensibilities of The Game of Thrones. If Michael Moorcock were writing for today’s audience, he might well have written this kind of work. And if you read those novels with enjoyment, you will want to read this book, too.”
    Amazon Review

  5. Aaron-Michael Hall

    “What a truly fantastic book! I received this book through Goodreads Giveaways, and I must say it is my favorite out of any I’ve received and read thus far. It is reminiscent of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, though definitely not in a copycat way. Also, as an avid Dungeons and Dragons player I felt there were many elements of that as well. Admittedly there were a few scenes that were a bit difficult to read, however they were so necessary to the book that it really couldn’t have done without them.

    The world building was just phenomenal. Each scene and character contributes to the reader’s knowledge and overall image of the world itself. Everything described beautifully, with enough detail that you are never grasping for imagery without completely eschewing the creative freedom of one’s imagination. Anything that isn’t described in particularly clear detail can be found on the cover and/or the back of the book, so all the bases are covered. Even the fictional language used periodically is translated at the end of each scene where it appears.

    The characters are rich and multi-faceted and each one is different from the next, even the villains and the minor characters. Each one is described well, mentally and physically, and a good many will surprise you. The reader is given an intimate look into the thoughts and feelings of each character, why they make the choices they do, and what they do or don’t learn from them.

    The story itself is a grand fantasy adventure that tackles some hard issues that are true of the world today, more or less depending on the people and/or the area of the world in question, in a unique way. Inside of that is a tale of adventure, joy, hardships, difficult choices, and the resiliency of the human (or Nazilian) spirit.

    All of this comes together to form an awesome book that is truly an epic fantasy. I would recommend this for a mature audience (seriously, don’t give this to your kid or teenager) who enjoys fantasy of any kind, plays or played D&D, and/or enjoys intelligent fiction. I’d give it more stars if I could and I will most certainly be reading the next one.”
    Goodreads Review

  6. Aaron-Michael Hall

    I read a lot of fantasy books, but the author of The Rise of Nazil has created a world that had hooked me right away. The land of Faélondul is ruled by the Nazil, a race of men called ‘ghosts’ because of their white hair and pale skins. Pentanimir is First Chosen, the leader of their military forces and guards to the ruler. When he comes across Brahanu, a beautiful human lost and hurt in the woods, he is torn between duty and desire. For the Nazil are xenophobic, taking humans as slaves and generally treating them horrifically. The scenes here are graphic both in violence and sexually, but are necessary to explain the history and behavior of these people. The author does give warnings.

    The story travels at a good pace among different parts of the country of Faélondul and there is a vast cast of characters. But they are all so interesting that I kept reading to find out what happens next. The world building is detailed, including some new language, and varied, fitting well in the context of the story.

    The writing style is slightly archaic which fits very nicely with the fantasy style. You get used to it quickly and I quite enjoyed it.

    This is going to be a series of books and I can not wait to read more. I highly recommend this book to lovers of fantasy (ages 18+). Aaron-Michael Hall is a great new author and I am very happy that I found him.”
    -Nancy M.

  7. Aaron-Michael Hall

    Amazon Customer on March 25, 2016

    The Rise of Nazil is an evocative and impassioned tale that does far more than entertain. Aaron-Michael Hall has transcended the fantasy genre to deliver a powerful commentary and message of hope that is vastly relevant to today’s American society. The story is lovingly crafted, impeccably edited, and intensely beguiling. Truly a captivating read!
    Amazon Review

  8. Aaron-Michael Hall

    Bookworm1985on May 17, 2016

    Aaron-Michael Hall has written an incredible epic which takes the reader to a carefully crafted world where love, war and triumph is just the beginning. The book is full of colorful characters, some you’ll love, some you’ll hate, but their stories intertwine. This intriguing series is not for light readers who are looking to compare this to the epics of Tolkien. The Rise of Nazil is a strong, stand alone series for adult readers who are not afraid to fall into a world with adult situations that are carefully distributed throughout the delightful 500+ page book. This is highly recommended for lovers of high fantasy, mythology, and love triangles.
    Amazon Review

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