The Vrol Trilogy


Author: S K Benton
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Language: English
ISBN No: 9781310801600
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The epic saga of Max and Jennie Gunnarsson is now in one complete edition – THE VROL TRILOGY BOX SET. Travel with the Gunnarssons as they learn magic, fight vampires, navigate through time, and try to keep their precocious daughter from murdering everything in sight.


In the 29th century, Commander Max Gunnarsson invents Mankind’s first feasible faster-than-light star drive. An unauthorized trip to Earth, the home of his ancestors, brings him face to face with Draagh, his estranged grandfather. Further, he discovers he is from a bloodline billions of years old.

Max learns he is a hybrid of the ancient lycan subspecies, as well as the son of an archangel, giving him the ability to use nature’s oldest technology – magic.

He must learn to control his skills, as well as develop new ones, in order to fight an impending battle to prevent the extinction of the human race. The Vrol, a virulent insectoid species, created for the sole purpose of eradicating worlds, has already destroyed Earth, and is on his way to Max’s world – Azul.

Join a complex and deep ensemble of characters as they work together to fight the Vrol and save humanity, enabling Mankind to reach the ultimate level of ascension – THE PROVECTUS.

THE VROL TRILOGY brings lycans, vampires and magic together with advanced technology, creating a wild combination of future urban fantasy and science fiction that is sure to please readers.

The Complete Chronicles of Max Gunnarsson Box Set includes LIVES OF FUTURE-PAST, LIVES OF LOST ANGELS and LIVES OF THE PROVECTUS.


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