Apocalypse – Cape Breton Island


By Mike Senczyszak

An introspective journey through a post-apocalyptic Canadian wasteland, decimated by a viral epidemic.

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Sold by: Mike Senczyszak
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On the eve of humanity’s end, those left on the island fought to protect its shores—only to fail. Two thousand kilometres away in Ontario, Jack emerges from a month-long stupor to find he is alone—again. As the depth of the devastation sinks in, Jack realizes that losing his wife to cancer months earlier, was just a taste of what fate had in store.
With the city decimated, Jack sets out for Nova Scotia; the last place he knew peace. He soon discovers there is more to the new world order than the rogue scavengers and jersey-wearing snipers he encounters along the way. Someone, or something is guiding them—an intangible entity, a presence not of this realm.
Pursued by enemies, plagued by manifestations that defy reality, Jack must square off against his own sanity, his addictions, and above all, his reluctance to engage an adversary he cannot defeat.
It’s overtime in Game Seven.
And humanity is in the penalty box.


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