Imaginary Foe


Author: Shannon Leahy
Format: Kindle Edition
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Language: English
ISBN No: 9781925209730
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Stan is no ordinary teenager. Sure, he's obsessed with girls, his family annoys him, he hates going to church and the small town he lives in is intolerably suffocating – but the thing that holds Stan apart is the voice in his head. 'Bruce' is becoming impatient with Stan's lacklustre attitude and he pushes Stan to rise up against the hypocrisy that surrounds them. On a prodigious stormy night, Stan and Bruce head out into the tempest with gun in hand…

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It’s 1988. When Rhonda Parker comes to town, fifteen-year-old Stan is woefully smitten and ordinary Middleton is transformed into a lustful wonderland.

But there’s more going on inside Stan’s head than anyone knows. Everything’s changing, the secrets are multiplying and the pressure is building.

As Stan’s world deteriorates, the voice in his head becomes increasingly sinister. Fed up with the holier-than-thou townsfolk, it impels Stan to rise up against the hypocrisy.

On a prodigious stormy night, Stan is forced to make a choice that will change his life forever.


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