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Author: Yinka Oyewusi
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Leaving his driver stranded, Nuberu speeds off in his Bently Mulsanne luxury car to a nearby stream, heart-pounding. There he strikes the flowing water with a rope-like accessory saying, “No river ever retraced its course.” This happens years after the tragic loss of a lover he is not allowed to marry, and while still single. His assailant cannot be guilty in the eye of any law known to man—and if the attacker succeeds in destroying him, the attacker can still not survive him.

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Nuberu, a polemic, who initially discountenanced traditional religions of his Yoruba tribe as a result of his indoctrination by his Christian Yoruba parents, sold out and became a staunch believer of Yoruba traditions with strong occult leaning, when Christian precepts seemed to have failed his parents. He became an enterprising Bishop that was using occult capabilities for exorcism and predictions that often came to pass.


He ultimately viewed love in the context of his innate attachment to his Grandmother – who brought him up in a superstitiously inclined village setting – Mother, and Adesewa – his first love. The three persons he had unrivalled affinity for among men died prematurely. He then toed the path of self-destruction in his quest for avenging his grandparents and love.


As a result of her forced espousal to her father’s friend, Adesewa finally had an affair with Nuberu, who fathered the woman’s only child. The child was later deified after a nannying spirit took him away. The spirit became known by a witchdoctor, who had confirmed a river that was knee-deep, and located along Adesewa’s husband’s farm to be harbouring a spirit, who farming population plying the forested route could confide in to babysit their neonates until the time of their return in the evening. Being barren for years before she could have a child, Adesewa was pessimistic about placing her only child in the care of the rivulet’s guardian. On a fateful day, when necessity prevailed against rationality, she resolved to leave her child at the river bank as other women did that day, but waited to see the bodily form of that supernatural being as she hid herself in the forest. The god surfaced in the form of a young man in his late 30’s. Seeing the demon sealed Adesewa’s fate in that instant, tragic exit from the world of man.


Another dainty woman (Tinuade) Nuberu had little feeling for fell head over heels for him. They enjoyed the thrill of sex for a while before they parted ways. The woman, at the end, begged Nuberu to get her laid again after her crashed marriage to a copper mining magnate, when it became obvious to her that only Nuberu could impregnate her. Ever-vigilant Nuberu subsequently became a prey to many evil plans of his enemies using the woman as a crack on the wall of his defense.


Nuberu eventually died of spiritual attacks. As an initiate, enchantments had effects on him the day he crossed the chastity redline strongly spelt out by the gods, while trying to perpetuate his bloodline. The resulting baby Nuberu had from having canal knowledge of Tinuade inherited Nuberu’s assets. Though, Nuberu died prematurely, he became the first richest person in his lineage, and the most illustrious of his town.








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