Longshot Into The West


Author: Keith R Baker
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In this second book of the Longshot series, soldier-spy Rob Finn is sent to the Western Territories to find and re-direct the flow of gold.

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Rob Finn is joined by William Cody and Lonnie Walters as they begin their journey into the Gold country of 1862 into the West. They are headed toward Bannack, a town springing up on the banks of Grasshopper Creek, Washington Territory. Soon it would become Idaho Territory, and shortly after that, Montana Territory. But not without the birth pangs that accompany such events.

In LONGSHOT INTO THE WEST, Rob meets desperate and unscrupulous men such as Henry Plummer; also gentle and generous Natives who heal and help the strangers in their land. We learn that the treasures of the earth are sought by greedy men on both sides of the Civil War; while lasting friendships are the goal of and reward for precious few hearty souls.

Allan Pinkerton and his staff are along for the journey, as is young William Cody.

Readers of the first book in this series, LONGSHOT in MISSOURI, have commented:

“Keith R. Baker in Longshot in Missouri tells a Civil War story from a fresh perspective that will leave the reader wanting more.” James D Best, Best-selling author of the Steve Dancy novels.

• “The author has a special talent for creating a clear picture, but also allows us to use our imagination and become more personally involved in a way that so few authors do today.”

• “I was impressed that the story was told in such a way that I felt like I knew the characters personally. The book was refreshingly without vulgarity or unnecessary sex.”

• “I really liked the character of Rob Finn. Not your usual assassin in that he has feelings. He definitely isn’t a cold blooded killer. He has a conscience. And even though he is a farmer by trade, he is smart and learns new things very quickly. ”


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