Nuptial Pact


Author: Frank James
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Seana is sent north to be the bride of the northern king’s son. Her life is about to change… horribly!

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Three men govern Seana’s life:

Her father, the chief of the lower lands who loves her yet sends her north to marry for the sake of the state.
Her husband, a master debaucher, who hates the thought of having to put aside his mistress for an unknown girl of the south.


Her friend, Sebastian, the strange forbidding southerner who lives in the north and seems to protect her.
But from whom does she need protection and to whom will she run to, or from.

Seana is a young girl caught in the maze of political strife. To prevent any more war between two peoples she must turn her life into a battleground in which she is both victor and vanquished.


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