Diary of a Teenage Zombie


Author: Kristy Berridge
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Dear Diary. Today I ate the mailman. My bad.

Being seventeen is hard? Katie Palmer has to deal with school, pimples, hormonal boys, and malicious cheerleaders. After the Zombie Apocalypse, though, she no longer sweats the usual teenage drama.

Athletics star by day and flesh-eater by night, Katie’s done well to hide her transformation from friends and Zone-sanctioned security, but now someone or something’s onto her secret and if she doesn’t feed soon she’ll start falling apart.

Dead bodies are piling up and all the evidence points to Katie’s blood-stained hands. Will she end up killing the competition before security discovers she’s rotten underneath?

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Dear Diary, My therapist is a f*****g idiot …

I studied the mostly blank page in front of me, the congealed ink from that erased expletive now smeared across my fingertips and making a sticky mess. I considered rubbing the excess across the front of my school jersey but knew that Mum would chuck a mental come laundry day.

That would serve her right, though. Seeing a therapist was her stupid idea, one encouraged wholeheartedly by my
father, who was certain that I had more issues than the weekly gossip rag. They were blindly led by the misconception that my nail-picking, nostril-flaring therapist was a superhero with a prescription pad, destined to protect my precarious mental health, but they were wrong.

Dr Chalmers is a flame-haired geek, fixated on tinkering with my mind, like a toddler preoccupied with the possibilities of their bellybutton hidey-hole. She’d been the one to suggest this diary writing campaign, that I should probe at my thoughts and feelings, bring forth my innermost demons, and capture them in messy italic. What I suspected really fascinated the good doctor was my reluctance to talk at all.

Oh, yes. Dr Chalmers could poke and prod all she liked and try to uncover my secret—my condition—but that was
something I could never allow. You see, people who discover my secret tend to get dead pretty quick.

1 review for Diary of a Teenage Zombie

  1. Makenzie Allred

    Characters: The characters are strongly built and realistic. (Besides the whole zombie thing!) Katie acts like a normal teenage girl struggling to fit in. Haven’t we all had rumors spread about us? Or been teased? I know I have! Berridge brings these fictional characters to life.

    Intensity: Diary of a Teenage Zombie is the perfect blend of action and description! Berridge knows when to keep the action going and when to slow down and describe the scene a little more. This is a quality that more authors should use in their writing.

    Originality: I’ve never read anything like this book! A soda infecting a whole race, almost to extinction. Who could’ve guessed that? Not to mention the way that the zombies live among them unknown!

    Writing: The writing is good throughout the whole book. I did find a couple of errors, but they were barely noticeable. The reading level changes as Katie goes along, I believe this is to show how she ages and her knowledge expands.

    The ending was MY weakness! It had nothing to do with Berridge. She completed a great book with a perfect ending. A cliffhanger again! Why do these authors keep doing this? I really hope there’s a next book. If there isn’t, I might cry!

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