Name Not One Man


Author: Carlos R Savournin
Author’s Website: Official Site of Carlos R Savournin
Format: eReader Format (epub) only
File Size: 500 Kb
Sold by: MineEye Ltd
Language: English
ISBN No: 978-1-4834-1016-6
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

“Name Not One Man” is the crime / horror prequel to “NEVES” in which the origins of the notorious killer, Mason Bayer, is discovered.

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Seasoned detectives Todd Grazer and Hector Corona, with the Miami Dade Police Department, are known for being the best at what they do; they always get their guy. Suddenly, however, they are stumped. Two murders occur, at the same time, across town from each other—and evidence suggests that the same perpetrator committed both crimes.

Soon, more victims appear. They share one similarity: each body is numbered in backwards English, written in the victim’s blood. The MO is the same, but how can one man commit so many murders in so little time—and be in two places at once? Their search takes them down mysterious paths with only one solution: something supernatural is at work in Miami.

Past cases come back to haunt them as they continue their hunt for the relentless killer. The bodies pile up, and they’re no closer to their perp. Have Grazer and Corona become personally invested in this case? It would appear so, as the mysterious killer now sets his sights on them.


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