Ungrateful Beast


By Mark Gibson
He first killed at the age of twelve. It wasn’t until twenty years later that anyone suspected a thing. By then it was a compulsion. Ungrateful Beast, Mark’s debut suspense thriller, is a psychological exploration into the true meaning of inner demons and the physical manifestations of compulsion. What is the true nature of madness when the voices in a man’s head make more sense than any other?

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Sold by: Mark Gibson
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Deep in the heart of Venezuela, Jamie Delvare follows his final lead into the most infamous criminal cold case in living memory – Henrik Lund. All clues lead to the patient in room 14. He knows things only Lund could know and when Jamie challenges the ‘could-be’ felon to share his side of events reveals a life story told by two voices.

Killers are creatures of habit and Jamie soon comes to realise not all is as it seems. The author’s arrival was not of his own doing and the people around him seem to know more, or much less, than they think.

If the man in room 14 isn’t who he says he is, then who is he? What is he doing here?

Why has Jamie become a part of his game?


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