Hell & Gone


Author: Henry Brown
Author’s Website:¬†Virtual Pulp
Format: eReader Format (.epub) only
File Size: 350 Kb
Sold by: MineEye Ltd
Language: English
ISBN No: 9781452395265
Text-to-Speech: Enabled

When a bloodthirsty jihadist is given a nuclear weapon and a chance to forever alienate Israel from American support, all hope rides on thirteen expendable SpecOps veterans almost as insane as the suicidal plan they’re given to stop him.

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This rag-tag gang of has-beens has never worked together before, but Dwight “Rocco” Cavarra has less than a week to train them and lead them on the hairiest operation of their lives. It’s not bad enough that they have to plow through an African civil war, infiltrate a fortified terrorist encampment and steal a black market tactical nuke from a mob of fanatic sociopaths – there are Israeli wild cards in play: two death-dealing Mossad agents who don’t necessarily share Cavarra’s agenda. When the mission is compromised before it has even started, Rocco and his Retreads are caught between bloodthirsty local warlords and the genocidal government in a fight to the death. And this battle might be just the first in the next world war.


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