It’s A Place For Trees


By R.L. Anderson

Nestled in the idyllic Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, the Keystone Arboretum is a place for beauty and relaxation. It’s a place for nature. And most of all, it’s a place for trees. Now it’s a place for mystery as a murder is found deep in the forest. Or is it a suicide???? Vacationing North Dakotan Will Nickerson, teamed up with a spunky and alluring tour guide, Laurel Reitter, seeks to find the answer in this, the second volume of the WILL NICKERSON MYSTERIES.

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Sold by: R.L. Anderson


Will is off to Pennsylvania for a long vacation, after Jenine has decided to accept a job in Florida. He needs to get away for awhile to collect his thoughts and spend time with family in PA. He drives cross country and arrives at his aunt and uncle’s farm. While there he decides to visit the nearby Keystone Arboretum. And, although he has made up his mind to have nothing to do with girls for his entire trip, he spies a tour guide he simply cannot resist. Her name is Laurel Reitter, and the two hit it off instantly. And then, a murder is found deep in the forest. Will and Laurel are drafted as amateur detectives. And they find themselves sleuthing whodunit. Expect lots of action, excitement, and a light ‘n playful romance, from the opening chapters when Will and Laurel first meet, through to the climactic conclusion.


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