Let’s Make It Merry Christmas


By R. L. Anderson

This is a Christmastime mystery that is NOT sad!! A small town in North Dakota comes together for the Christmas season to hold a big Christmas festival, because the Ranch Park has decided to change its popular Christmas festival to a PC Winter Holidays event. All goes well until a series of sabotages takes place threatening to derail the new Christmas event. Everybody blames the Ranch Park, but…

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Sold by: R.L. Anderson


The story begins at the Ranch Park, a year earlier. It is a big Christmas festival, complete with a Living Nativity Scene, a Humongous Christmas tree, and much more. Fast forward to this year’s plans. A group of volunteers goes to the Ranch Park, only to be told that Christmas is cancelled!! It’s a PC Winter Holidays festival instead. The group leaves in disgust, saying they’d like to start their own Christmas festival, not really meaning it. A reporter picks up on the remarks and like it or not, a festival is planned. Just as the plans start to become reality, there is a series of nasty sabotages. And that’s where Will and Jenine come in. They start sleuthing the sabotages, to see just who is doing it. This is a lighthearted Christmastime mystery that won’t make you cry.


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