Ranch Park


By R.L. Anderson

In the first installment of the WILL NICKERSON MYSTERIES Series, Will gets more than he had bargained for when he volunteered to drive the hayrides for Dakota Ranch Park. A murder has been discovered at the North Dakota theme park and Will finds himself drafted as an amateur detective, and teamed up with a lovely summer camp counselor, Jenine Mescall, seeks to find whodunit. It’s all set against the sweeping background of a state that’s truly one of America’s best kept secrets.

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Sold by: R.L. Anderson


Will Nickerson, a small town merchant, who wants to be a rancher, spends his spare time volunteering for Dakota Ranch Park, and doing his favorite job, driving the hayride wagons, has just met the love of his life, summer camp counselor Jenine Mescall. He takes her and a group of kids on a wagon ride, and when they stop to let the group off Will suddenly hears Jenine screaming. Will goes to see what’s wrong, and they have discovered a park employee who has been murdered. Will starts his career as an amateur detective solving the mystery. Expect lots of twists and turns, complex subplots, and plenty of action to keep the reader turning pages, plus a light ‘n breezy romance!!


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