Viking It Is


By R. L. Anderson

New Oslo, North Dakota digs into its Scandinavian roots. Meanwhile an enigmatic stranger comes to town and promptly vanishes, leaving behind an unused motel room, a vintage car and a trail of calling cards. Is it a murder–or what?? Will Nickerson seeks to find the answer, assisted by a host of townsfolk and visitors, including an equally enigmatic traveling saleswoman, Alison Parshall…


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Sold by: R.L. Anderson


New Oslo is digging, with an amateurish archaeological dig going on out of town. They want to find proof that Vikings made it to North Dakota in Medieval times. A stranger comes to town, and disappears without a trace. Does he have anything to do with the dig??? Or what?? And more importantly has he been murdered?? Will Nickerson seeks to find the answer. He finds himself teamed up with a web services saleswoman, Alison Parshall to find just what happened to the stranger. They comb the countryside to find the answer. Expect lots of action, including attending a buffalo auction and chasing an escaped buffalo on horseback. And at the worst possible time, Will’s pesky cousin Malin from Pennsylvania shows up. There are complex subplots and a light ‘n breezy romance.


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